Here’s where you can catch Fluke In 2014

Biography- W.S. "Fluke" Holland

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Tour Dates for 2014
June 14           Nashville, TN       Rockabilly Saturday Night Show @
                                               Nashville Palace
(with: WS Holland Band)                                                Go Here for Tickets/Info
July 3             Hamilton, Ontario  TV show broadcast
July 5             Atlanta, GA           Viva Atlanta Festival  (Go Here for info)
July 17           Gallatin, TN         Street Festival/ with Adam Pope Band
July 18           Nashville area      with Adam Pope Band (TBA)
July 19           Renfro Valley, KY  with Adam Pope Band Go Here for info
Aug. 1        Amherst, Nova Scotia  Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown #3 Festival
                                                          (Go Here for info)
Aug. 3            Nashville, TN         Joyce Mann Benefit/Nashville Palace
Aug. 15           McKenzie, TN        Show with Rayburn Anthony
Aug. 8             Jackson, TN          SWTEMC Annual Members Meeting
                                                (Jackson Fairgrounds Park) 7pm

Aug. 9             Amoury, MS          Old Amory National Guard Armory (TBA)
With WS Holland Band
Aug. 16          Jackson, TN          WS Holland’s 60th Rockin’ Anniversary Concert
Carl Perkins Civic Center with WS Holland Band, Larry Gatlin,                                                                        Earl Poole Ball and more! Official 60th Anniversary FaceBook                                                                        Page (Go Here)
Aug. 23           Nashville, TN        Johnny Cash Museum (Go Here for info)
With WS Holland Band and special guests
                                                                        NO CASH Band (from Norway)
Aug. 21-24    Randers, Denmark    Randers Graceland Show
with Johnny Horsepower
Sept. 27        Brownsville, TN        Tina Turner Days / Delta Heritage Center
with WS Holland Band (Go Here for info)
Oct. 10        Little Rock, AR         University of Arkansas Johnny Cash Tribute